In School & Skills Development Program 
This program focuses on student engagement at the introductory level during the school periods. The fundamental approach is to have fun while implementing many cricket skills as well as leadership and communication skills. Students will also improve their self confidence and self esteem. This program acts as a “teaser trailer” to illustrate the game briefly to the players and create the interest among them to adapt this sport.

After School Cricket Program
This program gives students the opportunity to experience cricket as an extra curricular activity on a consistent basis. This will not only improve their physical abilities but also improve their agility, flexibility and character development. These practices are an excellent foundation to learn about team spirit, sportsmanship, self confidence. This program typically lasts for 8 weeks. The session runs for 2 hours once a week after school with a minimum of 15 – 20 students.

Train The Trainer Program ( Teacher Community Partner ) 

This program focuses on teachers, parents, volunteers and members of the community to engage them with various skill set of the wonderful sport of cricket. Our coaches are authorized professionals who will equip all participants to facilitate the sport in a fun and safe manner. This program is an essential part of the foundation because it will train teachers to become trainers in schools and help them execute different modules of the game on a regular basis.

Community Sport & Cultural Event 
This event day is a complementary program organized with games and cultural activities with the support of school staff, parents and volunteers. The game of cricket will showcase the acquired skills of trained players and also allow others to participate to the game. This platform will be open to cultural events that will display a blend of food, dance and dresses from different cultures. Inter school participation is an exciting feature of this program.

Team Preparation & Player Development
This program is to promote the personal and professional development of a structured and cohesive team. Empowering the players to take ownership in creating their own identity and thrive in their growth as a team player on and off the sporting field.

Umpiring, Scoring Educational Sessions & Grounds Consultation