Oswald Jones is founder and visionary of Rising Star Cricket Academy of Excellence (RSCAE).

Since youth, cricket has been his passion. In the last 15 years he has been fortunate to make this passion his life. He started off by volunteering as a coach in both elementary and secondary schools, as well as community groups. It has now developed into to an organization RSCAE.

The reason that he enjoys the sport of cricket so much is it helps him to give back to the community.  The sport of cricket helps build self-esteem, communication and leadership skills. Cricket brings inclusiveness to all ethnic and gender groups. These skills ultimately brings diversity to the sport.

He is an accredited cricket coach from the International Cricket Counsel (ICC), Cricket Australia, West Indies Cricket (WIBC) as well as Coaching Association of Ontario (CAO) and received numerous awards including an award from the City of Toronto for his work with CIMA Mayor’s School Cricket (CIMA), as well as an award from the Toronto Police for my support and volunteer work in support of 31 Division Community Police Liaison Committee Cricket Clinic. He is credited in First Aid and CPR (Canadian Red Cross).

He is passionate about cricket and what he do, and he believe in the notion that it takes a village to raise a child and also as such the same applies to community. He is convinced that through networking He was able to build this organization. He is determined with all ethics groups, thereby creating diversity in the second most popular sport in the world which is cricket for various schools boards. This platform tie well with vision of most schools boards of inclusive education. Building bridges for student success with cricket.