About us

Founded in 2011, Oswald Jones saw the opportunity to bridge the growing gap between students and parents interested in the sport of cricket. Rising Star Cricket Academy of Excellence grew to be an instrumental part of the introduction to this amazing sport to various school boards such as the TDSB and TCDSB.



The opportunity to partner
with various schools to
introduce the
sport of cricket to children


To develop and enhance
children’s interpersonal skills
conducted in a
safe team environment


To help children boost their self confidence, physical activity and build relationships by effectively working with others

Our Mission

To partner with school boards, faculty management, community leaders and sport organizations to facilitate the growth of boys and girls cricket within the community


Our Vision

To promote an inclusively athletic and sound environment for youth to build relationships, self confidence, responsibility and participation in teamwork while learning leadership, problem solving and goal setting skills in the organized sport of cricket.


Mr. Oswald Jones – President/ Head Coach

Oswald led Rising Star Cricket Academy of Excellence as president from its inception to its present. He saw a need in the market to bridge the growing gap between students and parents interested in the sport of cricket. He is a graduate of Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Numerical Control. He also holds a International Cricket Council Level 1&2 certification in compliance with coaching standards.

Oswald felt that Rising Star Cricket Academy of Excellence would create a platform to increase the number of students participating in physical activities during the day. Furthermore, it would open up opportunities for students who had a passion for the sport to play the game due to their cultural background.

For the last four years, he has collaborated with Cricket Canada as a community cricket coach. Even with his busy schedule, he makes time as a volunteer to survey and learn the needs of the community. He has received numerous awards for community engagement and outreach.

Through his company, Oswald spearheaded the introduction of cricket in the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) and the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) engaging schools to connect and participate in the game of cricket.

Our Coaches

Vishal Arora

Vishal Arora

Vishal has coached and played cricket and baseball for over 15 years. He is a valuable asset who contributes right away to the team thanks to his strong organisational, leadership, communication, and decision-making abilities. His performance has a direct impact on the organization’s results because he thrives in tough and fast-paced circumstances. Vishal also enjoys volunteering at local food banks and shelters as part of the GTA community outreach programme.

Danny Singh

Danny Singh

Singh is still regarded as one of Canada’s best cricketers, playing in four world tournaments between 1982 – 1994. He represented his adopted country in a number of international competitions as well as captaining the national team for several years. He is a member of the Scarborough Cricket Umpires Association (SCUA) and the head coach of the Scarborough Cricket Association (SCA) Under-19 team, which defeated Ottawa Valley Council in the Ontario Cricket Association (OCA) tournament final.

Athanase Algan

Athanase Algan

With over 40 years of cricket experience, Athanase brings a wealth of knowledge to the cricket program. He has coached with Cricket Canada, represented the Ottawa Cricket Valley, and also coached the Ottawa Junior cricket team. For over six years, he has been a multi-sport activity provider for the City of Toronto’s parks and recreation community division.